Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

$50 per 50 min session
Individual Counseling is offered for any age from adolescent to adult. You and I together will come up with the best therapy techniques that may work for you. Counseling should be a collaboration.

Children's Counseling

$50 per 60 min session
Using play therapy techniques with children allows them to express themselves in different ways. They may not be able to verbalize their feelings, but play allows them to do that.
Parenting Courses/Divorce Courses

Parenting Courses/Divorce Courses

$50-$65 per session
Can be done individually, as a couple or with the family. Call to discuss the options. Will be anywhere from a six session course to a twelve session course depending on your needs.
Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

$65 per 60 min session
Couples counseling is a way for you and your partner to sit down in a safe and neutral place and come up with ideas that work for the both of you. I, as the counselor, am just there to guide you.


*Reduced Fee sessions are available on a limited basis.  Please contact Amani Counseling if you have a financial concern so we can discuss your options.

Payment Options:


Check (made payable to Nicole Burnett, LPC)

Credit Card

*All compensation made payable to my supervisor Nicole Burnett


Amani Counseling understands if you would like to use your insurance. However, in using insurance there is some risk involved.  Insurances require there to be a diagnosis for a mental health disorder. This diagnosis then becomes a part of your medical records. Amani Counseling does not like to give a diagnosis for payment purposes; therefore Amani Counseling only accepts private pay. You may call and discuss this for further clarification.

Benefits of Private Pay:

There are many benefits of private pay. Some of those benefits are the fact that you get to choose the therapist that fits best for you and not one that is in network of your insurance company, you and your therapist get to decide the type of therapy and length of therapy that works best for you, you have complete confidentiality, and you won’t have to worry about changing therapists even if your insurance plan changes.