How to talk to your kids about the election

How to talk to your kids about the election:

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Allow them to feel the way they feel.

Their feelings are valid and we shouldn’t tell them not to feel a certain way. What we can do is help them to find ways to alleviate some of their feelings of fear, anger or sadness. If you are looking for ways to help them deal with their anxiety check out this article and ways to help alleviate some anxiety.

What to Do (and Not Do) When Children Are Anxious

Teach them about the system and checks and balances.

If you don’t understand it all then use it as a time to learn together. Look it up, ask a teacher, go to the library and check out a children’s book about it to read together. You can check out some resources here:

Help them to understand right from wrong.

If there are values that are being displayed by those in the public eye that you don’t agree with then talk to them about what you don’t agree with, why you don’t agree with it and how you can be different.

Continue this learning process throughout the year.

Teach them it is ok to have their own thoughts and views. When they don’t have the same view as you on something use that as a learning tool. Have a peaceful debate about it. Show them how to appreciate and respect others’ views even if different than their own. Allow them to grow and learn with you and see how to keep anger and hate at bay.

If any of their fears, anger or anxiety get worse or are unbearable, it’s ok to get them some help.  Having an outside source to help them sort out their feelings can be a good thing.